Rodrigo Castaño


I have been studying a PhD in computer science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires since 2013. I was awarded the CONICET scholarship, which has funded my degree as well as some additional pursuits in the realm of computer science.

My PhD topic focuses on improving software model checkers when they produce inconclusive results; this is when the tool is unable to find a bug but has not finished exploring the whole state space.

Besides my academic work, I have gained valuable industry experience through internships at companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, as well as research institutes like INRIA Nancy.

In addition to my professional achievements, I enjoy classical music and I play the violin on a regular basis. I used to play tennis professionally and I still play when time allows. I am also an impatient (and not very good) fly fisherman, but the landscapes of Patagonia can soothe the beasts.

Feel free to explore the links I have provided and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.